High School Girls Happily Eating Soft Ice Cream in TV Anime Super Cub New Visual

High School Girls Happily Eating Soft Ice Cream in TV Anime Super Cub New Visual

One day before its premiere in Japan tomorrow, the official website for the TV anime adaptation of Tone Koken’s light novel Super Cub posted a new visual of three high school girls – Koguma (CV: Yuki Yomichi), Reiko (Ayaka Nanase), and Shii Eniwa (Natsumi Hioka) – happily eating soft serve ice cream after school.

The anime’s story is set in Hokuto-city, Yamanashi Prefecture, and follows a high school girl Koguma, who has thought she has nothing – no parents, no friends, and no hobbies. When she enters high school, she meets a Honda Super Cub 50. Then, she starts expanding her world while growing through her relationship with the motorcycle.

Message from Koguma VA Yuki Yomichi:

Like Koguma, I got my motorcycle license when I was in high school and rode it a lot for various purposes, including going to school. I loved to play outside since I was a little kid, and I took a detour on my bike every day after school before going home. There was no one else around me who rode motorcycles, but I didn’t feel lonely at all. I think it was because I looked at my bike as if it were my partner. The time I spent with my bike became my youth itself. The anime “Super Cub” is a wonderful series that gives us the beauty of everyday life with motorcycles, which seems so ordinary, with a nostalgic feeling. I’m sure you’ll like it too! I am truly grateful to have encountered this wonderful anime.

1st episode screenshots:

1st PV:

Source: TV anime “Super Cub” official website / Twitter

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