How to find the two hidden blueprint vendors in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact blueprints play a vital role in furnishing a player’s Serenitea Pot and leveling up their Trust rank in the game.

Apart from the Traveling Teapot Salesman and Realm Depot, there are other hidden ways for players to get blueprints in Genshin Impact.

This article takes a look at two secret blueprint vendors in the game that aren’t mentioned by Tubby or any Serenitea Pot tooltip.

The two hidden blueprints vendor locations in Genshin Impact

All the hidden blueprint vendors in Genshin Impact sell their blueprints for Mora. Most of these blueprints cost 50000 Mora, with just one of them costing 25000 Mora.

There are no requirements to finding these NPCs, although it should be noted that they spawn around the daytime.

Hidden blueprint vendors in Mondstadt

Goth is one of the hidden blueprint vendors in Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda)Mora, with everything else costing 50000 Mora each.

To find Goth, players just need to go south of the Knights of Favonius headquarters. He is located next to a bench that’s in front of a fountain with four small plants in each corner.

The Deadwood Road sign only requires four Fir Wood to craft. By comparison, the Lightning Protective Tent and Simple Single-Person Tent require eight Birch Wood and four Fabric each to craft.

Meanwhile, to craft the Adventurer Camp, players need the three items mentioned above, plus The Color of the Wind, six Sturdy Pine Fences, and two Green Fountains.

Hidden blueprints vendor in Qingce Village

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