How to get Fischl in Genshin Impact


Players can rely on one of two methods to obtain Fischl in Genshin Impact.

Fischl can be obtained via Wishes or the Starglitter Exchange found in Paimon’s Bargains. The former method is always relevant, although some specific banners will greatly boost the rate of obtaining Fischl. Meanwhile, Fischl has only appeared once in the Starglitter Exchange but will likely show up again in the future.

Some special events in Genshin Impact could also give out Fischl copies as rewards. Even players who already have Fischl could still use extra copies to max out her Constellation.

If a player has never obtained Fischl before, one of these two methods will be helpful to them in the future.

Obtaining Fischl in Genshin Impact

Fischl can work as a good sub-DPS option (Image via miHoYo)as a free unit in the past, so she will likely be a free unit again in the future. It’s just not known when that will be the case.


She was a boosted character on four separate banners before (Image via miHoYo) Fischl was available back in January 2021 (Image via Zeniet)Fischl was only available once via Starglitter Exchange under Paimon’s Bargains back in January 2021. However, she is a four-star unit, which means that she could always return to this section at a future date. Like all other four-star units, she costs 34 Masterless Starglitter to obtain.

Paimon’s Bargains isn’t the most reliable way to get a Fischl copy, as players would have to wait until she’s available again. Even then, they will only be able to get a single copy.

Still, it’s one way for players to obtain Fischl if she shows up (at least one guaranteed copy if the player has the Masterless Starglitter).

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