How to get free Cold Fortune SKS skin in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Before releasing Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton Inc. has assured gamers that the game will consist of several in-game events and rewards. It was recently revealed that gamers could get a permanent SKS skin in BGMI.

Free in-game rewards are an essential factor that determines the popularity of a game. Gamers are eager to get hold of free cosmetics and accessories in the game, and the developers make it a point to roll out these free rewards regularly to keep them hooked to the title.

Krafton has taken a similar policy, and recently, gamers were informed of a free weapon cosmetic obtainable in the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Brand new sniper skin up for grabs

BGMI is exclusively developed for the Indian gaming community. It marked PUBG Mobile’s return to the country after almost a year out.

The developers recently released the Early Access version of Battlegrounds Mobile India for gamers. To attract them, Krafton introduced several in-game rewards, including a brand new “Cold Fortune” SKS skin.

The SKS skin in Battlegrounds Mobile India (Image via BGMI) Exchange Diamonds to get the SKS skin (Image via BGMI)

Gamers need to collect these diamonds and keep them to get the SKS skin in Battlegrounds Mobile India. They will need to go to the “Exchange Centre” tab to exchange the diamonds for the skin.

Players will require 650 diamonds to redeem the Cold Fortune SKS skin for free in BGMI.

Exchange 650 diamonds to get the SKS skin (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)June 18th and ends on July 17th. Thus, gamers have ample time to complete the missions and gather diamonds in exchange for the SKS skin.

Gamers should drop into squads as it increases the chance of reviving a teammate compared to other modes in the Battle Royale segment.

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