How to get free gloo wall skins in Free Fire

There is a wide range of cosmetic items available in Free Fire. Though most of them do not affect gameplay, they greatly enhance the visual aspect, which is why the players desire such items.

There is no doubt that gloo walls are one of the best utility items in Garena Free Fire. On the battlefield, they are commonly used to take cover.

Skins for the gloo walls are also regularly added to the game, but diamonds are needed to buy them, which is not feasible for everyone. This article discusses ways to get such skins for free.

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A guide on getting free Free Fire gloo wall skins

Top-up events

All items that players obtain from top-up events are technically free as they receive them after buying a certain number of diamonds. These rewards sometimes include gloo wall skins.

For instance, the “Ramadan top-up” was one of the events which took place back in May during the Ramadan celebrations in Garena Free Fire. Players were able to procure the “Shamrock Explosion” gloo wall skin by purchasing 200 diamonds.

Note: Although users have to pay money for diamonds, the top-up rewards are basically free since no in-game currency is used to obtain them.

Ways to get free diamonds

Here are a few of the ways by which players can get free diamonds. They can later use them in events and other places to have a shot at obtaining gloo wall skins.

Google Opinion Rewards

This app offers users Play Credits for completing short and simple surveys. These credits can be directly utilized to purchase diamonds in Free Fire.

Users can click here to visit the application’s page on the Google Play Store.

Participation in giveaways and custom rooms

Several giveaways and custom rooms are held by Free Fire content creators and Instagram pages. Many of them even boast diamonds as the prize. Hence, participating in them is another way of getting the in-game currency at no cost.

On May 30th, the FFWS (Free Fire World Series) finals occurred, and Phoenix Force was crowned the champions. Multiple viewership rewards were laid out, which included three gloo wall skins at tier 1 (450k+ viewership):

  • Gloo Wall – Aurous Dragon
  • Gloo Wall – Nuclear Bunker
  • Gloo Wall – Dragon Sea

These milestones were crossed, and the players were manually able to collect them from the event section. Unfortunately, the redemption for the same ended a few days back.

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