How to get free Musical Monkey backpack, Diamond Royale voucher, and more using Free Fire redeem codes

Free Fire offers a comprehensive selection of in-game items like characters, pets, gun skins, bundles, and more. These are pretty tempting for the players, and they wish to obtain them. However, insufficient diamonds acts as an impediment a lot of times.

Hence users look for alternative and free means, with redeem codes being the most popular option. These codes are released by the developers and are made up of 12 characters.

A new Free Fire redeem code has been released for the Middle East server, granting players multiple rewards comprising numerous rewards, including a backpack skin.

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Obtain free Musical Monkey backpack skin and various other rewards in Free Fire

All the rewards that be obtained from this redeem code

This link will redirect users to the game’s official rewards redemption site.

Step 1: They need to head to the above website since the rewards can only be availed here.

Players are required to sign in using the platform linked with their ID Paste the redeem code in the text fieldAlso read: 2B Gamer’s Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, and stats in May 2021

Errors during redemption

Since the code is intended only for players on the Middle East server, other players will face this error: “Failed to redeem. This code cannot be used in your region.”

Suppose an error stating that the code is invalid or redeemed is displayed, then it means that the code has expired or has already been used.

In either of these cases, there is nothing that can be done by players except waiting for Garena to release new codes.

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