How to get new Moony pet in Free Fire at no cost

Aside from characters, Free Fire also features great pets that can accompany players on the battlefield. These pets possess unique abilities that make it easier for players to win battle royale matches.

Moony, a new pet in Free Fire, is now doing the rounds on the internet. This alien pet possesses a skill called Paranormal Protection. The description of Moony states:

20% damage reduction when owner is in interaction countdown (e.g., using Med Kit, repairing, etc.).

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The Moony Top Up event began today and will carry on until June 1st, 2021. Players will have to top up at least 100 diamonds to acquire the pet for free as a top-up reward in Free Fire. Users can also top up 300 diamonds for the Crystal Moony pet skin or 1000 diamonds for a free Safari Riot blueprint.

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Getting Moony for free in Free Fire

Users must follow the steps given below to get the Moony pet for free as a top-up reward:

1. Players must select the diamond icon while they are in the Free Fire lobby.

Users must select the number of diamonds they want to top up Moony Top Up event under the 100 best stylish Free Fire names with creative symbols in May 2021

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