How to get the new Xayne character in Free Fire OB27 version

A new character named Xayne was recently added to Free Fire with the OB27 World Series update.

Like most characters in Free Fire, Xayne has a special ability that can help a player overcome their opponents in a match. Players can acquire the character from the latest top-up event in the game.

This article provides players with a guide on how to obtain Xayne in Free Fire.

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How can players obtain the new Xayne character in the Free Fire OB27 version?

Free Fire’s official social media post regarding the top up event reads:

“Got a flair for extreme activities? ave Xayne carry out all the extremes in-game! Get the new character in our latest Top Up event starting today. Top up at least 200 diamonds to get the character Xayne. Top up at least 500 diamonds to get Xayne’s Xtreme bundle The Xayne Top Up event ends on the 21st of April.”

According to the post, Free Fire players will receive Xayne and her Xtreme Bundle by topping up a certain number of diamonds in the game.

The rewards and the respective number of diamonds players need to get them are listed below:

  • Xayne Character – Top up 200 diamonds
  • Xayne’s Xtreme Bundle – Top up 500 diamonds

Players can follow the steps given below to obtain Xayne in Free Fire:

Step 1: Players must open Free Fire and tap on the diamond icon located at the top of the screen.

Click on the
Click on the ‘Diamond’ icon

Step 2: Several top up options will appear on the screen. Players can select the required number of diamonds to purchase and make a successful payment.

Choose the required number of diamonds to purchase
Choose the required number of diamonds to purchase

Step 3: They should then tap on the ‘Calendar’ icon present on the right side of the lobby screen.

Tap on the Calendar icon
Tap on the Calendar icon

Step 4: Next, players should navigate through the event section and click on the ‘Xayne Top Up’ tab.

Xayne Top Up tab
Xayne Top Up tab

Step 6: They can press the ‘Claim’ button to obtain Xayne.

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Published 15 Apr 2021, 11:46 IST

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