How to get Transient Resin in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has recently released several new precious items, and among them is the highly coveted Transient Resin.

This new item works the same as Fragile Resin, restoring 60 original resin upon use. However, as its name suggests, Transient Resin expires if left unused.

For the time being, Genshin Impact players can obtain just one Transient Resin every week. Many players have had their gripes over the resin system and how it essentially limits gameplay. This new item doesn’t exactly fix the system, but it at least helps players enjoy more of the game and grind just a little more every week.

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How to obtain Transient Resin in Genshin Impact

Resin is the key to progress in Genshin Impact. It’s needed to get rewards from any Domain, Ley Line deposit, and boss battle in Teyvat. As such, players are always doing what they can to get more resin and maximize their rewards. Thankfully, Transient Resin helps players do just that.

Currently, there’s only one place where players can obtain Transient Resin and that is the Realm Depot. In the Housing Realm, Tubby the teapot spirit sells one Transient Resin every week in exchange for 1200 Realm Currency.

Purchasing Transient Resin from the Realm Depot (image via Callum Murphy)Genshin Impact’s Unusual Hilichurl ‘Wei’ is based on a real-life personality: Here is all you need to know

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