How to reach Musk Reef in Genshin Impact


There are three ways to reach Musk Reef in Genshin Impact, and all of them are quite easy to do.

The first method is the intentional way, and it involves a quick puzzle with three Seelies (the blue-green little ghost-like creatures) to reach a portal. The second method involves gliding, which requires a lot of stamina (far more than what the player has at the start of the game). Finally, players could use a Cryo character to freeze the water and get there slowly.

Musk Reef is home to the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact, so it’s a place most players should be familiar with.

Players will get their free copy of Xiangling after clearing Floor 3, Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss, so it’s quite helpful for new players to use one of the methods above to reach Musk Reef.

Reaching Musk Reef in Genshin Impact

Accessing this portal is the easiest way to reach Musk Reef in Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda) Going through a portal to reach Musk Reef in Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda)Genshin Impact players won’t be able to reach the portal normally without the help of some Seelies.

Three Seelies are surrounding the portal in an almost triangle-shaped formation, with the first one being located on the cliff south of the portal. The other is located by a Sunsietta tree northwest of the portal while the final one is found up north at the very edge of the cliff.

Once Genshin Impact players find all three Seelies and take them back to their statues, a massive wind current will form in the center. This wind current is permanent, and it will propel the player high enough to enter the portal as shown in the picture above.


Players can glide to the island (Image via Sportskeeda)Food and abilities (like Amber’s Gliding Champion) that reduce the effect of stamina consumption via gliding are also useful for this method. Foods that restore stamina can help, but they do have a cooldown on how often they can be used.

Cryo method

Kaeya can form a Cryo bridge for patient players (Image via Sportskeeda)Kaeya. His Elemental Skill is on a low cooldown, which means players can spam it quite quickly to reach certain islands in Genshin Impact.

This method of reaching Musk Reef will take the longest, but it’s a fun alternative if the player wishes to do it. Swapping between other Cryo characters could also work, but Kaeya works excellently by himself.

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