How to top up Free Fire diamonds from Games Kharido for Season 38 Elite Pass


Diamonds are one of the currencies of Free Fire, which is primarily required to purchase the most exclusive range of in-game items. Also, players need to spend real money to procure diamonds.

With the month coming to an end, the current Elite Pass will end soon as well. And the pre-order phase for the next one has already commenced. Users need 999 diamonds to pre-order it and obtain the exclusive hat reward. In addition to this, players can purchase either of the available variants upon its release on July 1st.

Players can use Games Kharido to purchase diamonds as it offers a great value to them on their first top-up by providing a massive 100% bonus. Besides this, users are also provided 10% additional diamonds on their subsequent purchases.

Purchasing Free Fire diamonds from Games Kharido

If users purchase diamonds through the website, it means they’ll be able to purchase the Elite Pass and still have extra diamonds remaining for other items by spending the same amount of money.

Steps that players must follow to purchase diamonds through Games Kharido are:

Step 1: Players need to head to Game Kharido’s official website. This link will take the users to the website.

Players would have to login Click on the Proceed to Payment button and make the purchaseAlso read: Miss Diya’s (BlackPink Gaming) Free Fire ID, stats, monthly earnings, and more in June 2021


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