How to unlock Saitama Mighty Fist skin in Free Fire

Free Fire has revealed its very first skin from their official collaboration with the famous anime One Punch Man. As a result of this partnership, the game has added a skin of the show’s protagonist. The skin looks like glowing hand gloves and is called ‘Mighty Fist’ in Free Fire.

This collaboration is bringing in several elements from One Punch Man to the game and some characters like the hero Saitama and his sidekick Genos will be introduced very soon. As the events are just getting started, the game has added a single glove skin to the Faded Wheel event.

This hand-gloves skin is available in the Faded Wheel event and one can try their luck at the spin. The spin event is one of the oldest in-game minigame in Free Fire where players need to spend diamonds to make a spin and unlock a single reward at random. The Mighty Fist skin is added to this spin and can be considered as the final prize while spinning.

A spin event in Free Fire is basically a normal spin in which players need to spend diamonds to rotate the wheel or indicator. When the pointer stops at a certain location, that reward is unlocked permanently. This is purely based on luck and one can not directly designate the amount of spins required to unlock a special reward.

Each spin offers rewards at random and the price of each round increases subsequently. One has to play 19 diamonds for the first try and it can go up to 599 diamonds for the last try. After completely for spinning each and every, you can unlock this new skin.


It is very easy to unlock this set and it is pretty much self-explanatory but you can follow the steps given below to draw this set in-game:

  • Launch Free Fire and go to ‘Luck Royale’ section.
  • Go to the ‘Faded Wheel’ tab and then click on spin.
  • Continue to do so until you unlock this set.

Play the Faded Wheel spin to unlock this new skin but remember that it is purely based on luck and hence, there is no fixed amount to the number of diamonds required to unlock these gloves.

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