Japan Sinks Review

Japan Sinks Review

What is Japan Sinks?

Japan Sinks (Japanese: 日本沈没, HepburnNippon Chinbotsu) is a disaster novel by Japanese writer Sakyo Komatsu, published in 1973. Komatsu took nine years to complete the work. The publisher wanted it to be written in two different sections, both published at the same time. The novel received the 27th Mystery Writers of Japan Award and the Seiun Award for a Japanese novel-length work. In 1995, after the Osaka-Kobe earthquake, Komatsu published a second English abridged edition (ISBN 4-7700-2039-2). In 2006, a sequel to the novel was published and there is talk of a third.

The novel has led to works in other media as well as a sequel: a film based on the novel made in the same year directed by Shiro Moritani, a television show by TBS and Toho broadcast in 1974–75, a film remake in 2006 by Shinji Higuchi, and an original net anime series on Netflix by Science Saru in July 2020.

Is Japan Sinks 2020 an anime?

Anime adaptation. An original net animation (ONA) anime series adaptation of the novel was announced on October 9, 2019. The series, titled Japan Sinks2020, was animated by Science Saru, with Pyeon-Gang Ho serving as the series’ director and Masaaki Yuasa as director.

Does Netflix have Japanese sinks 2020?

Yes, Japan Sinks: 2020 | Netflix Official Site.
Japan Sinks: 2020 | Netflix Official Site

This Anime is Available on Netflix You Can Watch with A Netflix Account.

Did Kite die Japan Sinks 2020?

On July 9, Netflix unleashed one of their latest and greatest anime series to date called Japan Sinks2020. … The series reflects modern-day trends as the youngest child in the family, Go, is obsessed with an Estonian YouTube gamer named Kite, and eventually gets to meet his idol. Japan Sinks Review

Should I watch Japan sinks?

In keeping with the theme of Japan sinking, the story is properly dark and dramatic, and you should certainly watch if you like high drama. One of the rules of being an anime blogger is to never say anything bad about any anime, as some fans will fight to the death about it on social media. Japan Sinks Review

Japan Sinks
Japan sinks novel.jpg
Author Sakyo Komatsu
Original title 日本沈没
Translator Michael Gallagher
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Genre Science fiction thriller
Publisher Kobunsha
Kodansha Int’l
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 224 pp
ISBN 978-4-7700-2039-0
OCLC 33045249
Japan Sinks: 2020
Original net animation
Directed by Pyeon-Gang Ho
Masaaki Yuasa
Written by Toshio Yoshitaka
Music by Kensuke Ushio
Studio Science Saru
Licensed by Netflix
Released July 9, 2020
Runtime 25–32 minutes
Episodes 10 (List of episodes)
Wikipe-tan face.svg Anime and manga portal

Who survived Japan sink 2020?

By the 10th and final episode, the only survivors in her traveling party are herself, her younger brother Go, the gamer/YouTuber/DJ celebrity Kite and the paralyzed scientist Onodera. Against all odds, however, at least three of these survivors manage to make it through to a happy ending. Japan Sinks Review

Japan Sinks Plot

Shortly after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a major earthquake hits Japan. Amidst the chaos, the Mutou siblings Ayumu (a middle school student and track and field athlete) and her younger brother Gou (an elementary schooler and video game enthusiast) attempt to escape the city with their family and friends. However, the sinking Japanese archipelago complicates their escape. Plunged into extreme conditions, the Mutou siblings believe in the future and acquire the strength to survive with utmost effort. Japan Sinks Review

Where can I watch Japan Sinks 2020?

From director Masaaki Yuasa (Devilman Crybaby), the first anime adaptation of the bestselling science fiction novel by Sakyo Komatsu, Japan Sinks2020 premieres July 9th only on Netflix.

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