Legendary gun skins in Free Fire OB27 version: All you need to know

Gun skins are one of the most sought-after items in Free Fire as they not only make a weapon look cooler but also boost its stats during matches.

While most of these gun skins can be acquired from the in-game store or through various events, legendary gun skins are rare and difficult to obtain.

Legendary gun skins are often better-looking than their regular counterparts. They also have more powerful boosts, including a specialized killfeed effect.

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How to get legendary gun skins in Free Fire


Legend Box“/>
Legend Box

Crates are one of the best ways to acquire legendary gun skins in Free Fire.

There are many crates in the in-game store, and they are divided into two categories, Legend Box and Theme Box.

It is important to note that only the Legend Box contains legendary skins. Players must shell out 40 diamonds to purchase this box.

Players can follow these steps to get legendary gun skins in Free Fire via crates:

Step 1: Players should open Free Fire and click on the “Store” icon.

Step 2: They should then click on the “Armory” tab and select the “Legend Box” option.

Step 3: Players can select the required crate and click the “Purchase” button.

Weapon Royale

Players can also use the Weapon Royale to get their hands on legendary gun skins. One spin in the Weapon Royale costs 40 diamonds, while 10+1 spins cost 400 diamonds.

The Parafal Persia Prowess Weapon Royale is currently underway in Free Fire.

Players can follow these steps to get legendary gun skins in Free Fire via the Weapon Royale:

Step 1: Players should first click on the “Luck Royale” icon located on the left side of the lobby screen.

Step 2: They must then click on the “Weapon Royale” option and choose the desired spin option.

Legendary skins are also occasionally available as rewards in “Incubator” and “Faded Wheel.”

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