New Awakened Andrew character in Free Fire: Teaser, ability, missions, and more

Regularly, several new characters made their way into Garena Free Fire via events, collaborations, and more. Their abilities majorly influence the gameplay, and most of them can be purchased by users from the in-game shop using diamonds.

The developers of the battle royale title have announced Awakened Andrew, and fans are pretty excited for his arrival. He will be the third “Awakened” character in the game after Kelly “The Swift” and Hayato “Firebrand.”

This article provides players with various details about Awakened Andrew in Free Fire.

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Details about Awakened Andrew character in Free Fire


A teaser for Awakened Andrew was released on the game’s official social media handles and YouTube channel. The post about it stated the following:

“We know that one of our favorite characters, Andrew, is getting awakened in-game soon, but do we know the reason behind his Awakening? Get ready to get a glimpse into the life of Andrew to understand his story and know why he is Awakening!”

Readers can check out the complete teaser below:


Awakened Andrew (Image via Ungraduate Gamer)Missions

Several events related to the FFWS (Free Fire World Series) are currently going on in the game, with one of them being “Andrew’s Missions.” Players have to perform tasks/missions to acquire FFW Yellow Pass tokens. Every mission completed will add to the global milestone, and once it reaches 100%, Andrew will awaken.

After that, the Awakened Exchanged Store would also get unlocked, and users can redeem several rewards using the FFW Yellow Pass tokens they had collected.

Players can also check more about the missions present in the FFWS events in this post:

Also, 15x Andrew Awakening Emblem is present as a login reward alongside the FFWS 2021 Backpack on May 29th, i.e., the peak day of the event.

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