New Battlegrounds Mobile India website launched as PUBG Mobile India site goes offline

A new Battlegrounds Mobile India website has been launched as the previous PUBG Mobile India website has gone offline.

In the last few days, there have been various developments regarding PUBG Mobile India. Yesterday, all the posts from the official Facebook page were removed, while the videos on the YouTube channel were made private or deleted. Also, a few days ago, the official Facebook page’s username was changed to BattlegroundsMobileIN.

With these updates, players are now ardently waiting for the game’s comeback in India.

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New Battlegrounds Mobile India website launched as PUBG Mobile India site goes offline

As stated earlier, a new Battlegrounds Mobile India website has been launched, and the older website has been taken down. Players can click here to visit the new website.

As per Whois, the website was registered by Krafton back in March.

The site only features a link to the official YouTube channel, the game’s privacy policy, and a news section. Like the previous website, it displays a coming soon message. Meanwhile, the older website with the following URL has gone offline.

Yesterday, Ghatak, a professional PUBG Mobile player for TSM Entity, had stated the following in a story:

“BIG DAY TOMORROW. Few mobile gamers that suddenly became PC games will also join. Mark my words.”

Maxtern has told the following to Sportskeeda Esports in an exclusive statement:

“I believe an announcement will be made very soon, and the game will most likely be released by the end of May or June; if it does not, the hype surrounding the game will die.”

Today, the name of PUBG Mobile India’s official YouTube channel was changed to BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

The recent release of the new website and username of the Facebook page further adds up credence to the claims and statements made by PUBG Mobile influencers.

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