PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire have collectively generated an average of 151 million more monthly hours than mobile MOBA games in the last six months

The most downloaded game of 2020 was Free Fire by Garena, while another popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile by Tencent generated the highest revenue. However, the second highest-earning game of last year was a MOBA, Honor of Kings, which is a China-exclusive game.

The two most popular categories in the Mobile Gaming Ecosystems are Battle Royales (BR) and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA).

Wild RiftWild Rift Global tournament, the battle royale market will feel the heat from MOBA games in the upcoming quarters.

A data analyst firm Stream Hatchet collected and compared data from both these gaming categories in the last six months and found that battle royales lead MOBA in the game streaming market across the three most famous platforms: YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch.

Credits:- Stream Hatchet PUBG Mobile Free Fire Battlegrounds Mobile India(Indian version of PUBG Mobile)

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