PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2021 Pakistan Finals: Teams, schedule, and more

The PUBG Mobile Campus Championship is back this time, taking place in Pakistan. With the semi-finals over, the top 16 teams have qualified for the finals. During the semi-finals, 32 teams battled in a total of 12 matches to make it to the finals.

The finals of the tournament will feature a whopping prize pool of $30,000 (46 Lakh PKR) which will be distributed according to the placement of the teams. The MVP of the tournament will also be awarded $500.

Qualified teams for PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2021 Pakistan finals

#1 – Team Qwerty

#2 – Team Bablu

#3 – MaximusxFTN

#4 – The Slayers

#5 – Team STDX

#6 – NFPxSKY Esports

#7 – Portal Esports

#8 – Arkadians

#9 – Stalwart Esports

#10 – FreeStyle

#11 – Team Prime

#12 – Team XQUETTA

#13 – Team TES

#14 – Renegades

#15 – Lost Esports

#16 – RZx7E Esports

During the semi-finals, Team Qwerty, which includes many seasoned professional players from Pakistan, topped the points table with 120 points and 64 kills.

Another popular team from Pakistan, Team Bablu, came second in the points table with 187 points and 86 kills. MaxmiusXFTN finished third during the semi-finals with 162 points and 61 kills.

Teams to look out for

Team Qwerty, who topped the semi-finals charts, will be the favorites to win the tournament. Team Bablu will be another team to look out for. Among the other teams, the popular Pakistani squad FreeStyle will also be a force to be reckoned with.

Veteran Pakistani teams like Portal Esports and Arkadians will also be in contention for the top spots.

Schedule for the finals

The finals of the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Pakistan are scheduled to be held from June 4th to 6th, 2021. The finals will be streamed on the official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile Pakistan. The action will begin from 5 PM (PKT).

It will be interesting to see which team holds its nerve and comes out on top. All 16 teams will try their best to win the prestigious tournament. All in all, the Campus Championship promises to be a treat for the viewers.

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