PUBG Mobile: Geek Fam crowned PMPL Season 3 Indonesia champions

The final day of the third season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 3 Indonesia concluded with Geek Fam crowned as champions.

At the end of finals, Geek Fam topped the points table with 100 kills and 213 points, followed by fan-favorite Bigetron RA with 92 kills and 206 points.

Bigetron esports
Bigetron esports

Aura Esports, with a scintillating day, finished in third place with 187 points, while another fan-favorite, Evos Reborn, had a horror tournament as it finished in the 16th spot.

BTR Zuxxy
BTR Zuxxy

Bigetron Zuxxy was awarded the MVP title in the finals as he grabbed 33 frags.

Geek Fam and Aura Esports qualified for the SEA Championship. Evos Reborn also qualified for the SEA Championship as they secured second place in the league stages behind Bigetron RA, who is directly invited as the defending champion.

The top 2 teams from PMPL Finals also qualified for PEI 2021.

PMPL Indonesia Season 3 Finals standings

PMPL Season 3 Indonesia Grand Finals Overall standings
PMPL Season 3 Indonesia Grand Finals Overall standings

The day started with the first match being played on Sanhok. The match was claimed by Bigetron RA with nine kills. Following it in second place was Voin Victory 88 with eight kills. BTR Zuxxy was the MVP of the first match with four kills.

Aura Esports emerged victorious in the second match, played on Erangel, with a whopping 16 kills. Geek Fam secured second place with 10 kills.

Geek Fam clinched the third match, played on Miramar, with a whopping 18 kills, followed by Boom Esports with eight kills. Geek Mort won the MVP award with seven frags.

Aura Esports again claimed the fourth match, played on Sanhok, with 12 kills. Roseyy bagged the MVP title with four kills. Aerowolf Limax came in second place with six kills.

The fifth match on Miramar was won by Aura Esports, making it three chicken dinners in a day. The team obliterated the lobby with 19 kills, where Jeixy grabbed five kills alone.

The sixth and final match of the day was won by Bigetron RA with 11 kills, where Luxxy alone took five frags, while 21 Esports secured second place with nine frags.

Top 5 kill leaders From PMPL Finals
Top 5 kill leaders From PMPL Finals

Top Fraggers of the PMPL finals

1. BTR Zuxxy – 33 kills

2. Aura Jayden – 30 kills

3. Geek Tomz – 28 kills

4. Geek Tom’s – 27 kills

5. Geek Mort – 25 kills

Published 18 Apr 2021, 22:38 IST

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