PUBG Mobile India deletes old Instagram posts, keeps only the announcement teaser

PUBG Mobile India has deleted all older posts from their official Instagram account except for the teaser.

The announcement of the Indian version sparked waves in the Indian PUBG Mobile community. The game’s massive fanbase has been waiting for its eventual comeback. However, considerable time has passed since the announcement without any follow-up.

But the hype around the return of PUBG Mobile in India is not dying any time soon. In fact. It has recently increased in the past few days as a few notable developments took place.

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PUBG Mobile India deletes old Instagram posts

PUBG Mobile India deletes old Instagram The announcement of the change was posted on Discord by the server manager.

Recently, Ocean Sharma, a well-known figure in the Indian PUBG Mobile community, in an exclusive statement to Sportskeeda, shared his thoughts about the game’s return to India. He said,

“I hope that an announcement regarding the game’s return will be made soon, because if the game does not return, the audience will not be patient and will try to shift to other games, which will have a negative impact on the entire gaming community and the entire ecosystem.”

Earlier, Sharma had said that:

“Two big announcements are set to happen in the coming month of May. One is likely to be about some Indian teams competing in the PMPL Arabia, while the other is expected to be about the game’s return. I still can’t guarantee the same completely.”

Moreover, last week, four videos were uploaded to the official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India but were made private within a few minutes. These were the older teasers that were released in November.

Players should follow the game’s official handle for updates.

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