PUBG Mobile India update: Deleted YouTube teasers, name change leak, and more

PUBG Mobile has transcended the boundaries of gaming and is played by millions of users from all walks of life. The game has found a special place in the Indian psyche and boasted a vast and loyal fanbase that was thoroughly disappointed after the game was blocked in the country.

The announcement of the localized variant offered players some glimmer of hope for the game’s return, but it has been a while since the announcement was made.

Meanwhile, a recent development on the official website suggests that the Indian variant could be renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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PUBG Mobile deleted YouTube teaser and name change leak

A total of four clips were uploaded to PUBG Mobile India’s YouTube channel. These were the older teasers featuring Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan that were released back in November.

Some of the users managed to catch a glimpse, and few even recorded them. Players can watch the two clips that were made private through this link.

Ocean Sharma, a PUBG Mobile influencer and caster, had this take on these clips:

“The leak of the trailers today was very uncertain. No one had expected this. What exactly happened about the leaks today from the official channel is still unknown as they were just old trailers that have been released long back.”

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A post shared by GemWire (

According to a recent post by GemWire on Instagram, a new creative asset was found on PUBG Mobile India’s website.

It is likely a thumbnail for a new video that might be released in the future. The video file’s name is Recall Campaign Motion_v02.mp4’ (translated from Korean). This suggests that an announcement could be on the cards.

Here is the poster:

Earlier, Luv Sharma, aka GodNixon, stated that according to his sources, the government had given the green signal for PUBG Mobile’s comeback in a video.

In addition to this, Dynamo, a popular PUBG Mobile streamer, jokingly gave a cryptic hint about PUBG Mobile India. He stated that the trailer would be released on a double-digit date, and the game will be released on a single-digit date.

Published 02 May 2021, 17:14 IST

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