PUBG Mobile: Natus Vincere crowned champions of the PMPL EMEA Championship Season 1


The fourth and final day of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) EMEA Championship came to an end today. After an exciting day of action featuring the top teams from the EMEA region, fan favorites NAVI aka Natus Vincere emphatically claimed the championship with 6 chicken dinners.

The team secured a total of 301 points with 144 frags. They were awarded the winner’s prize of $40,000. GUNZ Esport emerged as the runners ups in the championship also performing exceptionally well and securing 253 points and 100 kills. They received the second-place prize of $28,000. The third place in the tournament went to Team 1218 with 247 points and 105 kills. The team claimed the third-place prize of $18,000.

Knowme was the MVP of PMPL EMEA Championship season 1 PMPL EMEA Championship season 1 overall standings PMPL EMEA Championship season 1 overall standings

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