PUBG Mobile: PMPL S1 NA Super weekend 2 overall standings

PUBG Mobile: PMPL S1 NA Super weekend 2 overall standings

The final day of the second Super weekend of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL S1 NA) Season 1 North America ended today.

In the overall points table, fan-favorite Ghost Gaming extended their lead with 185 kills and 388 points. Their fragger, Spec, was awarded the MVP title for the Super weekend with an average kill of 1.87 and average damage of 368.

Following in second was Nova Esports with 116 kills and 311 points. Xset regained the third spot with 145 frags and 303 points, while 19Esports slipped to the fifth spot with 140 kills and 271 points. Fan favorites Lazarus is sitting in seventh place with 110 points and 222 points.

PMPL S1 NA Super weekend 2 Day 3 overall standings

The third day of the second Super weekend started with Aphelion Esports clinching the first match in Erangel with 11 kills, followed by Nova Esports with six frags.

Pittsburgh Knights secured the Chicken Dinner in the second match on Miramar with 12 frags, while Xset finished behind them in second place. The Panthers got eliminated early but managed to grab seven kill points.

Ghost Gaming claimed the third match played in Sanhok with eight frags, followed by The Panthers and Pittsburgh Knights with seven and eight kills, respectively.

Mezexis Esports NA emerged victorious in the fourth match (Miramar) with five frags. Pittsburgh Knights secured second place with nine frags. Passion Fruit Esports was eliminated early, but they managed to grab nine kill points.

The fifth and final match of the day was again won by Ghost Gaming with 15 kills. In second place, Nova Esports with four kills, while The Hitlist finished third, adding five kills to their tally.

With only one week remaining in the league stages of this PUBG Mobile tournament, it will be interesting to see whether any team can challenge Ghost Gaming’s dominance or if they will able to run away with pole position.

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