PUBG Mobile pro Beer11 bids farewell to Bacon Time Esports

In a recent development in the PUBG Mobile esports scene, Pheeraphol Phumrat, aka Beer11, a popular PUBG Mobile player from Thailand, has left his team Bacon Time.

The announcement came through an official Facebook post where Bacon Time wrote:

“Didn’t want to have this moment, but Bec is necessary to announce that BEER 11 Gaming has ended our team member. Even if we don’t stay on the long journey together, it’s a happy time. Beck is friendly from the top of the celebrity skill. Beer is a professional athlete with cuteness and So pleased that we are all family.Bec wishes BEER 11 Gaming a successful journey in the future and may our Bacon family fans cheer and cheer him up like one family member.”

Bacon Time is a popular Arena of Valor team from Thailand, and it had signed former players of RRQ Athena and Power888 KPS in March 2021 before the commencement of Pro League Thailand.

Bacon Time PUBG Mobile Roster:

1. Bacon Time D2E- Bawonchai Han – Fragger

2. Bacon Time Earnny- Wachirawit Ramangkool – Fragger

3. Bacon Time Senior- Navin Phrompitak – Support

4. Bacon Time Ices- Atsawayut Aueafueaphan – Fragger

5.Mickie – Coach

6. Mice – Analyst

In January 2020, popular PUBG Mobile team RRQ Athena signed Beer11, after which it saw instant success in March 2020 when it secured first place in PUBG Mobile Pro League: League Stages. RRQ secured fourth place in PMPL: SEA S1 and second runners-up in the World League East.

In the fall split, RRQ Athena again performed consistently and secured 2nd place in PMPL Thailand and fourth place in PMPL SEA S2. RRQ also qualified for the biggest ever PUBG Mobile tournament, “Global Championship”, where it secured third place in the leagues but faltered in finals.

Despite a consistent top finish in 2020, RRQ Athena released the roster due to the drought of any major trophy.

Bacon Time signed the roster before the third season of PMPL: Thailand, where it grabbed a top-five finish in both league stages and finals but failed to qualify for the SEA Championship S3, which was won by its country counterpart: The Infinity.

It will be interesting to see what path Beer11 chooses going forward in his esports career as he is one of the best fraggers not just in the Thailand circuit but in the whole SEA region.

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