PUBG Mobile stars MortaL and 8bit Thug launch gaming course for beginners

Indian PUBG Mobile stars Naman “MortaL” Mathur and Animesh “8bit Thug” Agarwal have recently started a venture on video games courses for enthusiasts willing to successfully enter the scene.

The star PUBG Mobile duo has inaugurated this program with the help of FrontRow, an online teaching platform that features lessons from personalities like Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Suresh Raina, and many more.

The gaming course aims to provide esports enthusiasts with a platform to learn more about the game and the industry they want to be a part of.

From why gaming is a viable career choice to becoming a more engaging content creator, the lessons deal with many nuances that a player who is still fresh in the scene might face and how to tackle them more constructively.

PUBG Mobile stars MortaL and 8bit Thug’s FrontRow gaming course overview

MortaL and 8bit Thug in a promo for their gaming course (Image via FrontRow)MortaL and 8bit Thug are two of the most celebrated esports personalities in India, having made their names in the PUBG Mobile scene.

With the recent Streamer of the Year award nomination at the Esports Awards 2021, MortaL has become the first Indian content creator to have had the privilege of being selected for it twice in a row.

Their expertise surrounding the video games scene and industry in India is highly sought after. Their course on FrontRow opens up avenues for enthusiasts to tap into their knowledge pool and gain valuable lessons on the dos and don’ts of the scene.

Their course covers the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Starting a game
  • Becoming a better gamer
  • Improving your gameplay
  • YouTube and Streaming
  • The business of Esports
  • Parting Advice

MortaL and 8bit Thug’s course can be accessed from the FrontRow website. However, those who wish to access the lessons through their handheld devices can download the official FrontRow application from ht ePlay Store or App Store.

The courses will be available for a very limited time at INR 499, but as they’re originally marked at INR 999, the price will revert to the original amount in a few days.

So enthusiasts willing to get a front-row seat to the expertise that MortaL and 8bit Thug have to offer should subscribe to their lessons right away.

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