SicK comments on alleged match-fixing clip of CS: GO

Amid the spree of match-fixing scandals in CS: GO’s North America scene, another alleged scandal came to the fore with Hunter “SicK” Mims, who currently plays Valorant for Sentinels, tweeting a clip.

The clip in question shows an ESEA match between InFinity Esports and Monstars in CS: GO’s Dust 2.

In this particular round of the clip, where Monstars are on the Terrorist side, the players of Monstars push A Long with rifles against InFinity Esports’ eco round, where they had only USPs and Desert Eagles.

There is no hard evidence for the throw of Monstars. However, it can be easily derived from their unprofessional slow reflexes and lack of utility usage that they were most likely throwing the round.

Another alleged CS: GO match-fixing clip comes into light

This particular clip of alleged CS: GO match-fixing is relevant to the Valorant scene as well. One of the players from the Monstars side, Ian “tex” Bosch, joined the Valorant roster of NRG on March 24, 2021.

The plot thickened as Ryan “Shanks” Ngo, who left NRG just a day before Tex joined, also had a match-fixing allegation. Jake Sucky from Esports Talk replied to the tweet questioning the competence of NRG as an organization. It seems baffling that an esports organization would sign players who have been alleged CS: GO match-fixers.

Another ex-CS: GO Valorant player, Abdo “c4Lypso” Agha, who can be spotted in the clip playing for Monstars, replied to the Twitter post saying,

“I have no smokes bro and im waiting for my teammate to throw his then i hold flank and get jiggle double dinked f* u want me to do i got destroyed”

To which, SicK replied,

“I mean the first peek was not a jiggle at all and the way you took the fight made no sense. I’m not saying you threw the game because I have no evidence myself, but its the most suspicious clip I’ve seen so far.”

C4lypso went on his attempt to subdue the allegation by saying:

“I was trying to help reck fight ct by not blocking him then I realized he had a smoke so I told him to smoke bomb. I 100% agree that I was slow on the long guy and definitely should’ve sprayed him no questions.”

C4lypso currently plays for the Canadian Valorant team, Rise, where there are two more players who were accused of CS: GO match-fixing: Shanks and Poised. This again raises a question on Rise’s quality of background checks on players.

All of this comes amid the NA CS: GO match-fixing scandal spree, which has apparently grown its roots very deep. It will be interesting to see in the coming days how the CS: GO scene releases itself out of all these scandals.

On the Valorant side, this also holds relevance since the Valorant scene also gets affected as many of its pro players’ history is rooted in the CS: GO realm.

Published 09 Apr 2021, 00:05 IST

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