Studio Ghibli joins Twitter – and reveals a brand new illustration

Hand drawn by Miyazaki himself.

Studio Ghibli joins Twitter – and reveals a brand new illustration

Studio Ghibli ended 2020 with a first for the animation studio – it joined the world of Twitter. And we have to say, it got its social media game off to a strong start with a brand new illustration, reportedly drawn by the studio’s director, Hayao Miyazaki. Themed on the most current (but not usually the most cheery) of subjects, the coronavirus, the illustration is also nod to 2021 as the Year of the Ox (want to create your own? You need the best pencils around). The illustration is more uplifting than it sounds, though. It’s the ox itself that adds a determined tone to the artwork, as it firmly stamps on the hairy devil-like creature that represents coronavirus – something everyone hopes to see happen this year (though probably not literally).

See the tweet below.

This hand-drawn illustration (apparently by Mayazaki) has been warmly received by Ghibli fans, who have recently been concerned by the studio’s leap into CGI. Studio Ghibli’s upcoming offering, Earwig and the Witch had a shaky start with a trailer that left fans more than unhappy

But there’s good news as Miyazaki himself is directing his first film since his ‘retirement’ in 2013. ‘How do I live?’ promises a return to the celebrated 2D animation style fans are so attached to. It may be a long way from release, but if the studio’s Twitter account continues to release new illustrations, it’ll go some way to feed the appetite of eager fans. You can explore the Twitter page for yourself here.

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