Takao Saito’s Golgo 13 Manga Earns Guinness Record


Image © Saito Production


Japanese manga author Takao Saito, noted for being one of the most tireless manga authors in the manga industry, now has a Guinness World Record to his name and list of accolades, as his most well-known work in Golgo 13 has earned the Guinness World Record for Most Volumes Published Of A Single Manga Series with the release of the 200th volume on Monday in Japan.


Golgo 13 Volume 200 cover ( © Saito Production/LEED PUBLISHING Co., Ltd)


This makes Golgo 13 only the second Japanese manga and Saito the second Japanese manga author to hold the distinction, following the release of the 200th and final volume of the Kochikame police comedy manga authored by Osamu Akimoto in 2016. Golgo 13 is still ongoing, only stopping its serialization for the first time ever in its 52-year history in May of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the long-running manga’s stringent production schedule, with Saito still at the helm and still drawing the titular sniper in his unmistakable style.


To further celebrate the accomplishment, Instagram has also released a special “Golgo Eyes” augmented reality image filter in collaboration with Golgo 13’s publisher LEED Publishing, which will be available for a limited time on the photo sharing social app. Below, the tweet from LEED announcing the filter



SOURCES: Mantan Web, LEED Publishing


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