Top 5 Mouthwatering Anime Food Scenes

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m not much of a cook beyond following instructions on the
back of a box. While my skills would probably get me kicked out of Sanji’s kitchen that won’t stop me
from drooling over all the delicious meals anime has to offer. You’re going to want to check these
shows out for your next foodie inspo and might even find a new favorite lunch!

5. Chilled Ochazuke (Today’s Menu for Emiya Family) – Did you know there’s a whole Fate
series dedicated solely to Emiya’s cooking skills? Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family is a
wholesome spin-off that asks “What if Emiya summoned Saber but the skipped the Holy Grail
battle for a quiet family life?” In episode seven, the gang go out for a fun time at the water park
and then head home for dinner. Rin is too worn out to eat anything heavy, so Emiya improvises
with ochazuke. You might have guessed from the name, but tea is a primary ingredient for this
refreshing, light dish of fish, vegetables, and rice. It sounds simple but once it’s presented you
can see why Rin gobbles down three helpings.

4. Rainbow Terrine (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma) – Compared to all the other foods in The List this week, Soma
and Megumi’s Rainbow Terrine is the most complicated. It gets its beautiful layered appearance
from multiple pate’s stacked on top of one another. Each focuses on a different vegetable,
including carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and dried cherry tomatoes. Unsure if the dish would
satisfy your palette? Well, let’s just say the series’ judges compared eating the terrine to “a
mother’s love,” a pretty spectacular endorsement.

3. Omurice (Ride Your Wave) – Omurice is like a cross between sushi and a omelet. A bed of rice
is tucked inside of the egg and then usually decorated with ketchup on top. You’ll see it in lots
of anime when characters make their way to maid cafe. Ride Your Wave gives the breakfast
dish a totally different vibe when Minato makes the perfect version for his girlfriend Hinako.
The two are sitting cozy together during a camping trip while Minato expertly flips and opens
the egg, revealing its scrambled texture. I didn’t know omurice could be so romantic!

2. Tomato Ramen (Ms. Koizumi loves ramen noodles)Ms. Koizumi loves ramen noodles is
about one stoic girl’s obsession with Japanese noodles. She tries all kinds of varieties, the show
is pretty educational if you want to learn the differences of ramen and the varieties of broth. In
episode five, Koizumi’s latest favorite is tomato ramen, a savory type that…sorry, I’m
drooling…it blends a tomato-based broth with melted CHEESE. After slurping up the noodles,
Koizumi adds her remaining rice to the broth to create a second dish. The episode shows that
tomato ramen isn’t just some pseudo-spaghetti; anything you’d put in regular ramen you can
throw in there too!

1. Okonomiyaki (Sweetness & Lightning) – There really is nothing like okonomiyaki. Some have
referred to it as pizza-like, but the base is entirely different. It’s also been compared to pancakes
but that’s not quite right either. If I had to compare it to anything, it’d be a savory crepe. The
base is cooked on a hot plate similar to a crepe and cabbage, pork belly, dried seaweed, and
anything else you could want. It’s then topped with okonomiyaki sauce (sugar, oyster sauce,
ketchup, and worcester sauce) and mayo. Finish it off with some bonito flakes and voila! It’s
seriously delicious and I get no greater joy than watching cute Tsumugi eat it up with her dad.
This series is really great if you want to enjoy both food and the wholesome trials of a widowed

Last week we asked YOU what Gen Urobuchi creation is your favorite and the results are in!

  1. Madoka Magica
  2. Fate/Zero
  3. Psycho-Pass
  4. Thunderbolt Fantasy
  5. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

This week we want to know what your favorite foodie anime is! Let us know in the poll and see you next week!

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