The Spring 2021 Manga Guide

Welcome to Anime News Network‘s Spring 2021 Manga Guide! You may have seen one of our seasonal Anime Preview
Guides, where a team of critics writes up each new anime television premiere as it airs at the beginning of a season. Now, doing something like that for manga is tricky – there’s no equivalent “seasonal” release schedule for new manga series, so here’s what we came up with: a survey across three months’ worth of manga releases with a focus on premiering series.

This is an ongoing guide. Every day for the two weeks we’ll be updating the guide. We also have a survey of the notable light novel releases from those months, publishing on Fridays!

This guide focuses exclusively on series premieres; we thought that would be the most useful thing to do. Please remember these are reviews of Volume One only – we’re not reviewing the whole thing, or the digital chapters beyond volume one. If you’ve read ahead, please try not to spoil things for people in the forums. All reviews use the same ratings scale: 1-5, with 1 being the lowest.

Check back every day this week for new reviews, and share your feedback in the forums!

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