Top 3 reasons why players should get Hayato Firebrand in Free Fire


Free Fire provides players with many in-game characters who have unique skills to help them in combat. As a result, characters play a vital role in the game.

Hayato is one of the well-known characters in Free Fire. He also upgrades into an elite version called Hayato Firebrand, possessing excellent abilities. Fortunately, players can upgrade Hayato for free by completing his “awakening” mission sets.

Hayato is already an excellent character for aggressive players in the Clash Squad mode. This article explains why players should choose Hayato’s upgraded version in the game.

Why Hayato Firebrand is one of the best Elite characters in Free Fire

1) Hayato Firebrand’s ability

Hayato Firebrand

His passive skill to enhance armor penetration and reduce frontal damage can be paired with DJ Alok’s improved movement speed and healing ability. Also, Antonio’s extra HP at the end of each round and Jota’s HP restoration with each kill altogether can be a lethal combo for the Clash Squad mode.

This way, players can try out other unique combos with Elite Hayato to get an extra edge on battle royale matches as well.

3) Extra damage and HP advantage

Hayato Firebrand possesses an excellent skill that enhances the opponent’s armor penetration damage every time he takes damage.

When Hayato Firebrand takes damage, the enemy armor penetration increases, allowing him to knock down the player at a quicker speed. Hayato Firebrand’s skill will also help in protection with reduced frontal damage. As a result, Hayato Firebrand’s HP does not deplete quickly, and players get an HP advantage.

Disclaimer: The writer’s opinion is expressed in this article. Readers’ viewpoints may differ.

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