Top 5 Free Fire characters that need more recognition

Apart from being one of the most competitive battle royale titles, Free Fire also offers multiple characters with unique abilities to aid players on the ground.

These skills offer players an edge over the virtual battleground. Unfortunately, some out of 40 characters are celebrated because of their powerful skills. However, many of them are extremely beneficial but get neglected by the majority of players.

Therefore, this article lists some of the most underrated Free Fire characters who deserve more recognition by players.

Underrated Free Fire characters

1) Steffie

Painted Refuge is Steffie‘s active ability. At her base level 1, she can create graffiti that reduces explosive damage by 15% and bullet damage by 5% for five seconds. The cooldown lasts for about 45 seconds, and the result does not stack.

Steffie’s ability increases as she progresses through the levels. Although she is a valuable character for Ranked and Clash Squad mode matches, her ability is not recognized by all.

2) Xayne

Xayne in Free Fire Maro in Free FireMaro possesses a passive ability called Falcon Fervor. At its base level, this ability boosts the damage over a distance by up to five percent. It also aids players in increasing the damage done to tagged enemies by one percent.

Maro’s ability advances with the rise in the levels. Ranked matches are perfect for long-range combat as his damage increases with distance.

He is the most recent addition to the character segment and is perhaps why players don’t know how to utilize him on the ground.

4) Shani

Shani in Free FireShani‘s passive ability, Gear Recycle, helps recover 10-armor durability after every kill at its default level. Her skill level increases as she progresses through the ranks.

Shani’s ability recovers armor durability, which can be beneficial for Ranked matches. However, very few players own her despite her being one of the best defensive characters.

5) Laura

Laura’s passive ability is called Sharp Shooter. This ability increases accuracy by 10 percent when scoped in at its initial level.

Laura’s skill improves as she progresses through the levels. She is an ideal choice for beginners and snipers, yet players neglect her.

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