Top 5 Free Fire characters that should be avoided for Factory Challenge

Factory Challenges is one of the custom challenges that has been created by the Free Fire YouTubers where all the players parachute on Factory – a popular location on the Bermuda map.

Users engage in fistfights rather than using any firearms. There are multiple variants wherein sometimes the movement speed is enhanced, or the players have gloo walls.

Characters like Kla and Joeseph are arguably the most prominent options amongst the players, courtesy of their unique abilities – Muay Thai and Nutty Movement, respectively. However, there are abilities of certain characters that aren’t quite effective.

This article lists five characters that the players should avoid using in the Factory Challenge.

Note: Every character in Free Fire has one use or another. This article is based on the writer’s preference and lists characters that are ineffective in comparison to others in the Factory Challenge.

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Free Fire characters to be avoided for the Factory Challenge

#1 Misha

Misha in Free Fire
Misha in Free Fire

Description: Misha is an extremely talented racer

Ability: Afterbuner (Passive)

The character’s ability increases the driving speed by 2% and reduces the damage taken while in the vehicle by 5%. This is further buffed to 12% and 30%, respectively. This ability is of no use in factory challenges because there is no driving involved, rendering it useless.

#2 Notora

Notora in Free Fire
Notora in Free Fire

Description: Notora is a tomboyish motorcycle gang member.

Ability: Racer’s Blessing (Passive)

Racer’s Blessing restores HP 5 HP every 4.5 seconds of all the vehicle’s teammates while driving. This recovery increases to 5 HP every two seconds. It might be pretty helpful in a regular battle royale match, but coming to the factory challenge, similar to Misha, is rather ineffective.

#3 Nikita

Nikita in Free Fire
Nikita in Free Fire

Description: Nikita works as a professional bodyguard.

Ability: Firearms Expert (Passive)

Nikita reloads Submachine guns (SMG) by 4%. This has increased to 24% at ability level 6, quite significant in the close-quarter combats. The ability is of no use in factory challenges as there is no involvement of the guns.

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#4 Paloma

Paloma in Free Fire
Paloma in Free Fire

Description: Paloma is the reigning arms queen of the underworld.

Ability: Arms-dealing (Passive)

When players equip this character, 30 AR ammo will not take up space in the inventory. Meanwhile, this has increased to 180 AR ammunition at the highest level, enabling users to carry other items in battle royale mode. However, this ability is relatively pale in the factory challenge.

#5 Rafael

Rafael in Free Fire
Rafael in Free Fire

Description: Rafael is a deadly killer.

Ability: Dead Silent (Active)

This ability, when activated, hides the gunshots on the map for eight seconds with a cooldown of 90 seconds. With the increase in the level, the cooldown is reduced to less than half at 40 seconds.

This can help players sneak up and ambush their foes. However, on a factory challenge, when all the players are in the same area and using fists, it makes little to no sense.

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Published 11 Apr 2021, 11:24 IST

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