Top 5 weapons with the highest damage count in GTA Online

More often than not, GTA Online players will find themselves at odds with a rival player or enemy in the game. It is times like these that require the player to be armed to the teeth and be prepared to throw down at a moment’s notice.

Quite often, players might find themselves outgunned. However, if they can find ways to make money in GTA Online, they can get their hands on the most powerful weapons in the game. GTA Online keeps players on a cycle of earning money and then spending the same money to make more.

Weapons are an integral part of the player’s inventory in GTA Online, and the weapons on the list are more powerful than any other. While damage per shot shouldn’t be the only priority, it certainly helps to keep guns of this caliber around.

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5 best weapons with the highest damage count in GTA Online

Stats by: GTAbase

#5 – Musket

The Musket is as archaic as a weapon can get in GTA Online and is a true remnant of the past. The gun doesn’t have much to offer apart from its absolutely thundering shot, which can cause quite a bit of damage.

While it isn’t advisable to have a Musket around for the most difficult situations in GTA Online, it can be useful in certain game modes.

#4 – Heavy Sniper

The Heavy Sniper is an absolute must-have should a player want to survive Freemode without losing a part of their brain or patience.

The Heavy Sniper is an absolute powerhouse that can devastate from long range without losing any of its punch in the distance.

It certainly pays to keep one around in GTA Online as it can help out both in Freemode and in other PvE modes as well. Having a sniper in one’s crew is always a good call when going for heists in the game.

#3 – Double Barrel Shotgun

The classic Double Barrel Shotgun is perhaps a biker’s most trusty weapon, seeing as nothing feels quite as good as blasting a person in the face while riding past them. The Double Barrel Shotgun can punch a hole in the space-time continuum if felt like it because it is that powerful.

While it has a truly abysmal rate of fire and an even worse range, it certainly holds its own when it comes to the damage department.

#2 – Heavy Sniper MKII

The Heavy Sniper MKII is the stuff of legends in GTA Online as it blows through one player as well as into the one standing beside them with ease. The Heavy Sniper MKII is an absolute must-have and a deterrent against the most powerful weapons and vehicles in the game.

Combining this weapon with explosive rounds makes for an absolutely deadly combination that shreds everything in its path.

#1 – RPG

The RPG means business at all times, and it doesn’t stop until the enemy is covered in dust and rubble. This weapon is perhaps not as accurate or easy to aim with as the Homing Launcher, but it certainly packs more of a punch.

The RPG is a force of nature and can punch through the heaviest of armor to deal a significant amount of damage in GTA Online.

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