Top 7 Most Powerful Characters In Hunter X Hunter

Top 7 Most Powerful Characters In Hunter X Hunter

In this anime, a hunter is described as someone who travels the world doing all sorts of dangerous tasks, from capturing criminals to searching deep within uncharted lands for any lost treasure. Gon is a young boy, who’s father disappeared a long time ago being a hunter. He believes that if he follows the path of his father, he may be able to reunite with him one day. So, when he turned 12, he left his home to take the hunter’s exam, notorious for its low success rate and high probability of death.On his way to hunter’s exam and after that he make many friends, as their friendship prevails throughout the many trials and threats, they come upon taking on the dangerous career of a hunter. Hunter x Hunter is an action-adventure type of anime. And when it comes to action type anime there are always going to some characters which overpower others. Following are the list of few characters who I think are most powerful in this anime in no particular order.

Hisoka Morow

The first character on the list one of the fan’s favorite morally questionable magician Hisoka. Whenever he appears, he is surrounded by a powerful aura of danger, and as we know that if he is in a mood of killing there is no way you can be saved. Hisoka is one of the strongest Nen users in the series, he calls his Nen bungee gun as he has the ability to use his Nen both as rubber and gum which makes it a powerful defense as well as offense.If we talk about facts, he has a record of 11 wins and 4 losses on Heaven’s Arena and one of those wins is against floor master. And out of those 4 losses 3 are due to absence in a match as he was not interested to fight and 1 is against another strong member which will appear further on our list.

Zeno Zoldyck

Next on the list the head of the most famous assassin family in the hunter X hunter world Zeno Zoldyck. He spent 67 years of his life as one of the best assassins of the world and hence a lot of wealth of experience under his belt. Of course, his experience reflects in his usage of Nen as he is a transmuter of the highest order also solid mastery of his adjacent category. This results in breathtaking hansou such as dragon head and dragon dive. Another thing that makes him great is a normal Nen user can make Nen of 50 meters radius but Zeno can make a Nen of 300 meters radius.

Chrollo Lucilfer

The founder and leader of Phantom Troupe, an infamous group of bandits and thieves with class A bounties on their head takes next place on our list. His Nen ability is literally to steal others Nen and use it as his own. Quite Invincible technique, right? But there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled before he can use Nen of others. Still considering the success rate he is one of the most intelligent characters in the series.He is the one who defeated Hisoka in Heaven’s Arena. The only true loss Hisoka ever faced. Not only that he has also fought with Zeno Zoldyck and his son Silva Zoldyck in a 2 vs 1 situation and performed very well. Zeno even said that if Chrollo would have fought with an intention to kill there is no way Zeno would have able to win even with Silva as his backup. And those are the 2 best assassins in the series so you can imagine how strong Chrollo would be.


The next place is taken by the gender-fluid cat, one of the three royal guards of Chimera ants. She made her appearance in the series by virtually murdering a character called kite who was not some lacky weak guy but was quite powerful. Like other royal guards, she also has unimaginable strength speed, and durability, but that’s not what makes her special. The special thing about her is that she is a specialist in the field of Nen. And that is terrifying because specialists have the ability to break the rules of this world according to whatever fancy desire they have.She is like an endless well of aura and presents one of the most incredible dangers Hunter X Hunter has ever shown. Her aura is so powerful and dangerous that it is said that Hisoka and Zeno’s aura would be capable of producing an aura like her.

Isaac Netero

The next person on the list is none other than Ex chairman of the hunter’s association Isaac Netero. Don’t let his age fool you, he surely is old but not weak. As all the regular anime watchers know that there is a kind of unwritten rule of anime that ‘old man is one of the strongest characters of anime’. He is so strong that he could beat all the characters we have seen so far with ease. If we talk about his achievement then he holds the title of strongest Nen user in his youths.

His most powerful technique is ‘100 type Guanyin Bodhisattva’ in which a devastatingly powerful giant statue of Guanyin appears. And he has natural access to it through which he can unleash a near infinite array of attacks and at a speed that can possibly not be matched by anyone. And that’s not all to his legend, it goes even further back. He is the only character who not only visited but survived 2 trips to the dark continent. That would enough to understand how powerful he is.

Adult Gon

Here the things get a little bit intriguing as Adult Gon is just a temporary state which Gon was able to bring out, due to hatred and anger. He summoned all of the power he would ever have and thus his body transformed into an adult. He became so powerful that he completely outclassed Neferpitou and killed her without breaking a sweat.But this power comes with the price he went into an unrecoverable state and although Killua managed to save himself from death he lost all of his aurae and may never be able to recover it. So, it may be the end of the main character from our beloved series, but who knows.


If I would have to describe him in one word I would simply say overpowered. Let it be combat, Nen, or intellect he is simply overpowered. It was not possible to make him fight seriously by any other character so defeating him would be even out of the question. The closest fight we saw was against Isaac Netero. That’s when Netero pulled out his ace up the sleeve ‘100 type Guanyin Bodhisattva’.Even that was not enough to defeat him, in the end, Meruem just started feeling the dullest aches of pain while Netero was left in dust lost half of the limbs, and utterly defeated. The king of chimera ant defeated the strongest warrior humanity had without too much effort.To simplify it even more, for all those who keep asking “can he beat Goku tough?” Meruem would actually be able to defeat Goku according to me. He is the character who would have ruined the series, but here I would like really appreciate the writer here as he Meruem didn’t ruin the series but became the highlight of the story.


So, this is the list of some of the most powerful characters in Hunter X Hunter according to me. There are other characters also who are pretty strong but didn’t make it into the list. Let us know in the comment section, who is your favorite out of all?

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