Valorant gets Silvanus, a new skin bundle themed on mystical blue forest

Valorant patch 2.07 is around the corner. Aside from the gameplay balance changes, a whole new bundle of skins will be making their way through into the game.

Valorant dataminer Floxay has tweeted about the new weapon skin bundle. ValorLeaks also followed up with a tweet just a few moments later.

The new Valorant weapon skin lineup, ‘Silvanus,’ seems to put a coat of dreamy blue fantasy forest on the weapons. The word, “Silvanus” is associated with the god of forests and uncultivated land, alluding to Roman mythology. The way Riot Games’ cosmetic team has infused a tinge of mythology to their futuristic tactical first-person shooter undoubtedly deserves kudos from a designer standpoint.

Valorant gets a new weapon skin bundle – ‘Silvanus’

Valorant players can expect to get their hands on the new skin lineup when the patch 2.07 drops. The five weapons that are part of this ‘Silvanus’ skin lineup are:

  • Operator
  • Phantom
  • Vandal
  • Sheriff
  • Stinger

Notably, this skin lineup features the most popular weapons in Valorant, which is a big treat for the fans.

Floxay, the Valorant dataminer, very recently dug up information from the game files that the weapon bundle is placed internally in the deluxe tier, which means each skin would cost 1275 Valorant Points. And considering there’s no knife in the bundle, the whole bundle would go for 4270 VP if the previous bundle price is anything to go by.

Valorant patch 2.07 is set to launch in a couple of days. In 2.07, Astra will be getting a good deal of quality of life upgrades this time around, especially during post-plant situations. Raze and Viper, on the other hand, will also be receiving some tweaks, while Riot will be looking to fix a lot of the issues that are still prevalent in the shooter.

Published 13 Apr 2021, 23:15 IST

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