Valorant players seem to be suffering from same voice chat error they faced in patch 1.08

Chat bugs and issues (be it text or voice) have been a staple in Valorant with every new patch update, starting with its closed beta launch.

And with patch 2.06 going live last week, many Valorant fans have been complaining about facing a voice chat error that feels quite similar to the bug present in Valorant during patch 1.08.

The voice chat bug would make players hear muted teammates and those they have lobbied with in previous games.

In a recent Reddit post, a Valorant player, Riv415, opened up a discussion on the voice chat issues that players have been facing over the past week.

The user linked all the voice chat complaints made in the Valorant subreddit post patch 2.06 update and highlighted that much like in 1.8, the voice system is looking at a similar bug this time around.

The Redditor wrote:

“You see. This was a huge problem in 1.8 but or so, but it got fixed, but recently people have started to report this issue more and more, just now like 20 minutes ago I’ve seen 4 posts of it, if you are having this issue please lower your mic volume , Or turn it of because people may be able to hear you, even if muted, even if in another lobbies, last time it took riot like 24 hours to solve. This recently happened to me in a spike rush. I could hear teammates from past lobbies I’ve seen this post just start to pop out, with multiple people commenting they have the same issues, so I’m doing this preventively because it seems it will cause an “outbreak.”

Valorant’s age-old voice chat issue is a big problem

The bug has been affecting every single game mode equally (Image via Riot Games)
The bug has been affecting every single game mode equally (Image via Riot Games)

This Valorant voice chat issue is one of the more problematic bugs the game has faced so far. Being unable to hear teammates that players were match-made with in a previous round when entering a new one can be an incredibly confusing experience.

It jeopardizes the competitive integrity of the game significantly, and to make matters worse, the bug has been affecting every single game mode equally.

Be it Deathmatch, Rated, or Unrated, players have complained about hearing ghost voices every now and then on their voice comms, even when they have that particular chat system disabled.

When it comes to fixing the issue, restarting the Valorant client is one of the most potent solutions. However, as it’s an issue with Riot Game’s server and the new update, there may be no solid fix.

Players facing the problem will have to wait for the developer to come up with a hotfix or patch it out in the upcoming 2.07 update.

Published 11 Apr 2021, 17:00 IST

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