What is Genshin impact wish simulator and how to use it


Genshin Impact wish simulators replicate the game’s gacha system, allowing players to test their luck on replicas of all current banners.

Since the wish simulators are separate from miHoYo and the actual Genshin Impact game, no real-world money or Primogems are needed. Players can freely simulate wishes to see what characters and weapons they may get from the in-game banners.

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How to play the Genshin Impact gacha with a wish simulator

Genshin Impact players have several wish simulators to choose from. Uzair Ashraf’s simulator is one notable example, mimicking the real Genshin Impact gacha interface and summon rates.

Genshin Impact wish simulator drop rates (image via Uzair Ashraf)) Genshin Impact wish simulator banners (image via Uzair Ashraf)What happens on your birthday in Genshin Impact?

How to make wishes on simulated Genshin Impact banners

The Genshin Impact wish simulator allows users to make wishes one at a time, or in batches of 10 if they prefer. To make wishes, users should select either of the two command buttons at the bottom-right of the page.

As players use the simulator, the UI displays how many wishes have gone into the banners on the top-right of each one.

Simulated Genshin Impact banner with wish count (image via Uzair Ashraf)

How to check Genshin Impact wish simulator results

Players can view the results of their wishes by clicking on the Inventory tab. Although the wish simulator doesn’t show banner history like Genshin Impact does, the Inventory tab displays all simulated results. Here, users can filter their summons based on rarity, or choose to only show character or weapon results.

Genshin Impact wish simulator results (image via Uzair Ashraf)Who is Varka in Genshin Impact

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