Who Would Win? Tanjiro VS. Zoro

Demon Slayer is having some massive success right now with Mugen Train doing well in the box office and season two coming out sometime this year, the hype is real. But of course, Tanjiro isn’t the only samurai-like character who can wield a sword. How’s about somebody who can wield not one, or two, but three? Yes, I’m talking Zoro!

One Piece is currently over 1,000 chapters, which can be a little daunting to read and catch up on but it doesn’t stop them from featuring one of the greatest swordsmen in anime. Both of these two are known in their series for being great what they do…using a blade (or several) in combat.

So now there’s two great anime swordsmen to talk about, the question is…who would win in a battle between Tanjiro and Zoro? Let’s find out!

Could you imagine how exciting a battle between Tanjiro and Zoro would be? One of these two swordsmen would certainly come out on top. So first let’s go over some defining character attributes for each character, then we’ll have a look at what advantages they have. Let’s start with Tanjiro!

Tanjiro is a kind but determined and powerful young Demon Slayer. At the beginning of Demon Slayer when his sister Nezuko is turned into a demon, Tanjiro is tested and trains to become a Demon Slayer. Not only to stop demons, but to find a cure for Nezuko. The training includes an actual physical training period where Tanjiro physically trains for swordsmanship, endurance, stamina, and things needed for a Demon Slayer test. He has a knack for not giving up, as he endured another year to train to slice a boulder in half with his sword. Dude spent two years for this! Working day and night training to become a Demon Slayer. He worked through missions as a Demon Slayer and uses water breathing style and later unlocks the sun breathing style. Tanjiro survives rigorous battles to become a Demon Slayer and look for a cure for Nezuko. So now let’s have a look at Tanjiro has up against Zoro.

From rigorous training, Tanjiro has increased physical attributes, including strength, speed, stamina, and endurance. Like other characters I’ve done on Versus, he’s extremely smart and adaptable. Tanjiro is able to find weaknesses in his enemies by just assessing them. He also is a talented swordsman, shown when he uses the water style breathing techniques taught to him by Sakonji. But soon after, he unlocks the sun style, which is considered to be the lement all of the other styles derive from. He also has skills in sword arts and has used a sword for at least two years up to this point in the anime.

One weakness Tanjiro does have, unfortunately, is his tendency to show too much empathy toward opponents. Tanjiro tries hard to understand everyone, even his opponents. Tanjiro’s looking pretty stacked, but is it enough to go up against Zoro?!

Unlike Tanjiro, who didn’t start his sword training until he was teen, Zoro had been training as a child. When Luffy meets him in the first episode of One Piece, Zoro is already a renowned swordsman. As a child, Zoro made a vow to his childhood friend that he would become the world’s greatest swordsman with her. He was able to defeat tons of adult opponents, even in his childhood! But he couldn’t beat his friend, Kuna.

After his friend suffered a fall, he vowed to use her family’s sword to become a great swordsman and developed a signature three sword style…yes, two more than what Tanjiro’s got. Zoro would go on to become one of the greatest swordsmen in the series. After Luffy freed him from captivity and got his swords back in the first episode, Zoro has journeyed with him ever since, continuously improving his swordsmanship along the way. So let’s see what Zoro has up against Tanjiro.

Firstly, Zoro is a master swordsman at the beginning of One Piece already. There’s not a long training sequence for him as he’s already got a developed style. Unlike Tanjiro who has improved his strength, Zoro has superhuman levels of strength and speed. Seriously, the guy has lifted thousands of pounds before…so he’s far stronger than Tanjiro. He has a unique style called Santoryu which allows him to use three swords, one in each hand and one in his mouth. And not just that, he’s got plenty more styles for two swords, one sword, and “nine swords,” but all that gets complciated.

One weakness that Zoro has is his lack of direction. He’s always getting lost! So after studying both contenders, and before I give a verdict, I’ll give you a few seconds to run to the forums with your pick. Who do you think would win this battle? I’ll give you some time to write out an answer. I’ll wait.

Okay, so let’s get to the verdict. I feel as though this one is almost an unfair matchup, but I’d have to go overwhelmingly with Zoro. Even if I gave Zoro his first season of One Piece and Tanjiro’s first season of Demon Slayer, it’s nearly unfair for Tanjiro. Tanjiro uses one sword, up against Zoro who uses three for starters. While Tanjiro has one of the most powerful breathing techniques in his arsenal, Zoro is a master swordsman by the start of the series. As things progress, he just becomes more and more powerful. Zoro would most likely knock Tanjiro’s sword from his palm before Tanjiro got a chance.

The only way Tanjiro could potentially win is if he were able to get Zoro lost…which wouldn’t be too out of character for Tanjiro, seeing as he’s resourceful. But all that Zoro has endured, as powerful of a swordsman Zoro has become, I’m unsure Tanjiro would even be able to stand a chance! Especially at this point in the Demon Slayer anime.

But let me know, do you think Tanjiro could overcome Zoro? Did I completely miss the mark on this one? Am I way off?! Let me know who you think would win down in the comments!

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