Zack Snyder Indicates Interest in Making Films Based on Anime

When asked if he would make a Dragon Ball Z film he said he would consider it if the circumstances were right

Film director Zack Snyder (Watchmen, Man of Steel, Justice League) said in an interview on Saturday that he would “consider” making a film based on the Dragon Ball Z anime series if the circumstances were right. He also expressed interest in making a “remake” or “live-action” work based on anime properties, and professed to watching a lot of anime with his child.

The interview is embedded below, starting from the relevant question at the 14:49 mark:

The interview was conducted by the popular YouTuber Tyrone Magnus. He is a passionate Dragon Ball fan who played Tyrone Magnus in the fan-made Dragon Ball Absalon series.

The Dragon Ball series inspired a live-action film, titled Dragonball: Evolution, which opened in the United States in April 2009.

Source: ComicBook.com (Nick Valdez)

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